Box of Moxie - Stephen Jacques

Stephen Jacques


“Stephen Jacques is arguably one of the most expressive and understated artists of his generation.” —Broken8 Records Australia

“The collection of love ballads in his portfolio distinguishes him as one of the most talented the music industry has witnessed.” —Daily Music Roll

“Stephen's songwriting is at the same level as Paul McCartney & Springsteen, on top of this, he brings a fresh and vibrant twist to the rock sound.” —Band Camp Diaries

“Stephen's ‘Soul Hydraulics’ showcases exactly why he is such a highly respected musical figure.” —The Artists Central

“It's setting out to be a great year for our New Favorite Singer Songwriter.... His sound overflows with undeniable authenticity; as an artist Stephen Jacques is completely himself, and we can't get enough.” —Skope

“Not a doubt in my mind that the underground that spawned him will soon be too limiting an environment to contain his star-power.” —Too Much Love Magazine.

“Stephen Jacques is, by every definition, a genuine pop perfectionist. His talents appear to come naturally, every track emits a purity and passion.” —Gold Mine Magazine

Ranked #29 USA new Radio Play "Submission Admission” — NACC Top 30

Ranked #7 "Submission Admission” —WRIR-FM - Top 30 - 2019

A rising star in the Alt-Rock scene, frontman Stephen Jacques & legendary indie producers Alan Weatherhead and John Morand, collaborate on this prolific body of work. A manifestation of material Stephen gathered throughout his career as engineer, custom builder, and actor. Over 300 Radio Stations play “Submission Admission” — cited by many DJ's as a ‘little masterpiece.’ His 10th Release “Send Them Love” hits the street in the Fall of 2022!

Publicist: Krista Vilinskis, Tinder Box Music, Minneapolis, MN, USA

On Soul Hydraulics:

Producer: John Morand   Lyrics: Stephen Jacques   Vocals, Guitar: Stephen Jacques   Guitar: Leslie Williams   Vocals: Terry DeSeta   Bass, Guitar: Chrissie Lozano   Pedal Steel, Keyboards, Guitar: Alan Weatherhead   Drums: Johnny Hott   Drums: Stuart Gunter   Keyboards: Craig Harmon   Keyboards: John Morand   Keyboards: Charlie Kilpatrick   Recordings: Sound of Music Studios (Richmond, VA, USA)   Mixing-Mastering: Alan Weatherhead  


Box of Moxie producer Alan Weatherhead

Producer's Corner

Alan Weatherhead is well known throughout the world for his hundreds of songs and has weathered the music industry storms (as his last name would literally suggest). The Wisconsin native produced and performed on many of the great alternative rock songs heard on the radio over the past 20 years. As the European guitarist for Sparklehorse, he also performed on and produced many Cracker records, and toured with Hotel Lights among numerous other bands.