Box of Moxie - Stephen Jacques

Stephen Jacques

Voted Top 30 in USA Radio Play by National Association of College & Community Stations for “Submission Admission” — April 2020.

“There‚Äôs not a doubt in my mind that the underground that spawned him will soon be too limiting an environment to contain his star-power.” —Too Much Love Magazine

“This is far from a novice recording nor the product of precocious youth... a mature and thoughtful work of performance art and eludes easy classification.” —Indie Source Music

Voted #7 of Top 30 New Albums: “Submission Admission” —WRIR-FM, March 2019, Richmond, VA

“This is Top Shelf Musical Art and an undoubted standout on an already exemplary effort.” —Indie Pulse Music

“Another stunning full-bodied album — a supreme addition to an already sterling discography.” —Skope Magazine

A rising star in the indie music scene, frontman Stephen Jacques and multi-instrumentalist producer Alan Weatherhead (The Cardigans, Cracker, Sparklehorse) collaborate on this exceptional body of work. These alt-rock recordings are a manifestation of material Stephen gathered throughout his career as engineer, custom builder, actor, and TV host. 300+ American Radio Stations have played “Submission Admission” often cited as a “little masterpiece.” With a worldwide fan base, one day he's on a California radio station tour, next a London radio station Premieres his CD. Stephen's 9th and much awaited solo Release “Charmed to Death” drops Summer 2020!

Publicist: Tinder Box Music, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA


Box of Moxie producer Alan Weatherhead

Producer's Corner

Alan Weatherhead is well known throughout the world for his hundreds of songs and has weathered the music industry storms (as his last name would literally suggest). The Wisconsin native produced and performed on many of the great alternative rock songs heard on the radio over the past 20 years. As the European guitarist for Sparklehorse, he also performed on and produced many Cracker records, and toured with Hotel Lights among numerous other bands.