Box of Moxie - Stephen Jacques

Stephen Jacques

American Stephen Jacques (Vocals / Guitars), a lyricist and musician who has penned over 60 songs, and nationally recognized multi-instrumentalist, producer, and recording engineer Alan Weatherhead (The Cardigans, Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven, Hotel Lights, and Sparklehorse) collaborate on this body of work to form Box of Moxie.

A combination of alt-rock, Americana, folksy rock, and avant-garde, Box of Moxie is a manifestation of material that Stephen Jacques gathered throughout his multifaceted professional life as engineer, custom builder, TV host, and actor. Strumming his acoustic guitar along the way, Jacques' real life experiences reveal their truths in a delicate, dreamy, oftentimes humorous fashion.

“Submission Admission,” the band's sixth studio effort, is a compilation of love songs revealed through an alt-rock prism, evoking a pureness and sweetness not dissimilar from the honeysuckle scents that enveloped Jacques' childhood walks along paths that straddled Virginia's James River.

Moxie is very interactive with a worldwide fan base — one day Stephen may interview with California Public Radio; the next, a London Radio Station Premieres one of his CDs.

“Salt Water Magic” is set to drop in springtime 2019, navigating coastal and ocean topics!

We are pleased to have SubRosa Curation as our Publicist, out of Portland Oregon, USA.


Box of Moxie producer Alan Weatherhead

Producer's Corner

Alan Weatherhead is well known throughout the world for his hundreds of songs and has weathered the music industry storms (as his last name would literally suggest). The Wisconsin native produced and performed on many of the great alternative rock songs heard on the radio over the past 20 years. As the European guitarist for Sparklehorse, he also performed on and produced many Cracker records, and toured with Hotel Lights among numerous other bands.